March 02, 2020

As we continue to expand our product offering to suit every customers’ needs, we still find gaps that we could fill. For example, our Silicone Tubings, they are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 1mm inner diameter up to 25mm inner diameter. What happens when your pneumatic fittings are 3.2mm diameter? Or your barbed fitting is 3/8” (9.5mm)? How do you choose the appropriate size for your fitting?

silicone tubing barbed fitting
Photo: Test fitting with customer's barbed fitting

An advantage of working with silicone rubber is its flexibility. Silicone tubings can stretch to fit. In most cases, we recommend choosing one size smaller when you are unable to find the exact size. Say a fitting with 1.5mm diameter, we would recommend using the 1mm inner diameter silicone tubing for a snug fit.

translucent silicone tubing
Photo: Translucent silicone tubing with barbed fitting

For push-in fittings, we need to ensure the outer diameter matches instead of the inner diameter. Be sure to check the recommended outer diameter indicated by the manufacturer.

push-in fitting with silicone tubing
Photo: Push-in fitting looks at the outer diameter instead of the inner diameter

            Other factors such as working pressure, maximum bend radius, and the thickness of the tubings should also be considered if your application has specific requirements. eg. Some peristaltic pumps are unable to operate with silicone tubings that have walls that are too thick. Be sure to check and double check your equipments compatibility first!

            When sourcing for silicone tubing, it is important to find the appropriate size that suits your application. If you are uncertain about the size, you are always welcome to bring your parts in to our store for a fitting.

            Already know the exact size that you need? Get them here, or if you are looking to purchase in larger quantities, please contact us for a quotation.