November 01, 2020

Vibration isolation mount isolates tremors and vibrations between parts of the machinery. Also known as vibration dampeners, anti-vibration mounts, or vibration mountings. They are usually used as “feets” under an equipment where the vibration originates.

Photo : Various vibration mount installations

The purpose of vibration isolation is to provide a barrier or cushion between the vibration source and the isolated subject or object. Vibration isolation mounts protect your equipment systems by reducing and absorbing the vibratory wave amplitude. Machines such engines and industrial pumps emit strong vibrations and loud noises. These disturbances can cause unnecessary wear and tear throughout the system. The uncontrolled vibrations can damage smaller parts and increase replacements costs, machine downtime, and waste precious work hours.

Vibration isolation mounts are usually made with an elastomer that is bonded between two metal mounting plates. The vibration mounts work as a shock absorber and isolator. They are simple to install and can be designed to accommodate a wide spectrum of uses. The marine engine mount, for example, are built to withstand oil and diesel spills with its zinc-plated steel top cover that shelters the rubber underneath. 

Factors such as load capacity, space or installation constraints, chemical compatibility, are just some of the considerations when choosing the right vibration mount for your application.

Photo : ARIS Marine Engine Vibration Mount

Common applications of vibration isolation mount include; CNC machinery, defense equipment, aviation equipment, excavators and compactor rollers, washing machines, transformers, pumps, compressors, electric motors, engines and many more. We have a large variety of anti vibration mounts in stock. Visit our office to view samples and have a chat with us if you have any questions. Contact us if you need a quotation.