Translucent Silicone Rubber Tubing

Size Guide


Extreme Heat & Cold Resistant

Excellent Ozone & UV Resistant

Smooth Semi-White (Translucent) Colour

Product Description

This multi-purpose translucent silicone rubber hose is a versatile product that serves a wide array of applications. Most commonly used in pumps and fluids transfer applications in pharmaceutical, laboratory, bioprocess and food and beverage industries.


Sold by the meter. Contact us for bulk pricing.


Technical Data

Material Silicone
Hardness Shore, A 70 ± 5
Surface Finish Smooth
Reinforce None
Reinforce Layers N.A.
Maximum Service Temperature


Minimum Service Temperature


Colour Semi-white (Translucent)


Size Guide

flexible silicone tubing size chart
Inner Diameter (mm) Wall Thickness (mm)
1mm 1mm
2mm 1mm
2mm 1.5mm
3mm 1.5mm
4mm 1.5mm
5mm 1.5mm
6mm 1mm
6mm 1.5mm
7mm 2.5mm
8mm 2.5mm
10mm 2.5mm
12mm 3mm
15mm 3mm
19mm 3.5mm
22mm 3.5mm
25mm 3.5mm

Certification and Compliance

certification  RoHS Certificate

certification  COC (Certificate of Conformity)