November 07, 2019

Not all silicone hoses are made the same. Difference in production methods and the raw materials used will affect the quality of the final product. Our silicone hoses has the highest level of consistency in the market1

ARIS Performance Silicones hoses are manufactured with the strictest control measures to ensure each product performs on par or above industry standards.

Photo: ARIS Performance Silicone Hose 4-Ply Construction

Hoses are components that will wear and have to be refitted to ensure optimal performance of your equipment. Machine downtime and repairs will delay work schedules and are likely to increase costs.


At ARIS Performance, we assure our partners :

- Excellent durability with proper manufacturing procedures and materials

- Consistency of quality in all products

- Superb performance that matches or exceeds industry standards

reinforced layer silicone hose
Photo : Sample of ARIS Silicone Hose without external layer

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1: Based on customer feedback and survey, 2018.