January 14, 2019

In the recent years, silicone rubber material demand and production has increased greatly. When durability, resilience, quality, and flexibility is a key, silicone rubber has always been the best material for crafting such products. Its strong mechanical and chemical properties enabled its use in the manufacture of a wide variety of products.

For a long time engineers have suffered due to extreme temperatures in the automotive industry. However, silicone rubber provided a long lasting solution due to its high resistivity to extreme temperatures. Some silicone products can withstand heat above 300°C. This has greatly improved the efficiency and workability of mechanical structures.

Photo : ARIS Performance Turbocharger Silicone Hoses resists a much wider temperature range, -40°C to 230°C

Feasibility is a fundamental factor to ensure the viability of the production of materials. Silicone rubber production cost is relatively low subsequently reducing its overall cost. The compounds contained in silicone rubber are easily mixed which reduces the manufacturing cost. This has enabled its extended usage in the production of cheap cooking, baking, sportswear, electronics, and many more affordable products. Freeze-resistant solar water heaters have also exploited the silicone elasticity in its workability enabling water expansions on freezing.

semi-white silicone tubing
Photo : Semi-white Silicone Tubing is often used in medical apparatus and devices

Flooding the food industry, silicone elastomers low chemical reactivity has enabled its use in cooking and medicine. This potentially reduces the source of hazardous diseases caused due to reaction with alkali, solvents and other chemicals. Its inertness also enables its use including medical implants. Additives may be added to silicone rubber to increase its electrical insulation properties enabling its use as an insulation material wrapped around cables, hosepipes and electrical joints providing a waterproof and electrically insulating layer.

silicone cooking utensils
Photo : Many cooking utensils are made of silicone rubber

Generally, silicone rubber applications have been predominant in the recent past ranging from automobile, food, electrical insulation, medical and many other applications. This wide variety of applications is what is the fundamental factor influencing the world production and manufacturing industries. Availability of additives and other compounds which can be added to silicone rubber to improve its properties will enable an increase in applications of this material in various fields.

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