February 11, 2019

Proper efficiency and workability are key in any industry. Silicon rubber extrusions present a class of polymers that contains carbon, silicon, hydrogen, and oxygen which provides excellent workability. The material was devised by chemical companies who were thoroughly searching for a material best to handle extreme temperatures. Silicon rubber is found in two forms including solid and liquid silicon rubber. Liquid silicon rubber is usually a low compression material with great stability. It may be applied to use by injection molding and usually used for connecting high precision products like seals and multi-pin connectors. Solid silicon rubber is a flexible elastomer or rubber-like material that is used as gasket material in seals. Silicone is galvanized or cured to convert it into solid nature.

There are several processing techniques for silicone; this includes extrusions, injection, and compression. Extrusion is the most preferred due to its cost-effectiveness and time-saving.

rubber extrusion die
Photo : Black Silicone Rubber Seal from Die

The process involves passing all the raw materials through an extruder. The raw materials are then pressurized, heated and molded into new shapes using a die. The stock material after that cools and hardens and considered to be extruded. Before processing, the silicone stock is composed of fine silica particles, but after extrusions, it changes to a translucent paste enabling its use in a wide variety of uses where clear and flexible tubing is required and can be easily colored for aesthetic purposes.

Extrusion Silicone Profiles and Seals
Photo : Customized Silicone Seals and Profiles

Silicone rubber material has good mechanical properties which greatly improve its workability. This includes high tear strength which makes it stable in its applications. It also has low thermal conductivity and is fire resistant enabling its use in extreme temperatures.

The material is also flexible and can easily elongate decreasing its creep or permanent deformation. These mechanical properties enable its applications in various fields, especially in automotive applications due to its high workability at extreme temperatures and voltage line insulations. 

Extrusions of silicone rubber material have been on the rise due to its high demand. Their excellent mechanical properties make them the preferred choice.

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