Silicone Rubber Hump Hose

Size Guide


4-Ply Polyester Reinforced

Extreme Heat & Cold Resistant

Excellent Ozone & UV Resistant

Red Colour

Product Description

ARIS Performance Silicones Hump Hoses are specially designed to connect two parts which are prone to vibrations, it acts as a shock and vibration absorber. The hump on the hose provides a vibration dampening effect and thus reducing stress and the wear-&-tear on the two connected components. Normal rubber hoses tend to split and crack when used.


Recommended use on motor vehicles, maritime equipment, performance motorsports, industrial machinery or any connections that involves heavy vibrations during operation.


Technical Data

Material Silicone
Hardness Shore, A 70 ± 5
Surface Finish Wrapped
Reinforce Polyester
Reinforce Layers 4 Ply
Maximum Service Temperature


Minimum Service Temperature


Colour Outer Wrapped Red
Inner Smooth Red


Size Guide

hump silicone hose size chart


ID Length Wall Thickness (mm)
Inches mm Inches mm mm
2 3/8" 60mm 6" 160mm 5.0mm
3" 76mm 8" 210mm 5.0mm
3 1/2" 89mm 10" 255mm 5.0mm
4" 102mm 6" 160mm 5.5mm
4 1/2" 114mm 6" 160mm 5.5mm