Natural Rubber Sheet / Gasket


Natural Rubber

1mm to 50mm Thickness

1 Meter Standard Width

Can Cut to Any Shape / Size

Product Description

Standard Natural Rubber Sheet that can be cut into any shape or size for flange gasket, sealing purposes, and for anti vibration padding use. Thinner sheets (1mm - 5mm) are excellent for gasketing uses, available in standard PN, DIN, ANSI flange sizes. Natural rubber padding provides excellent vibration isolation and thicker sheets (10mm - 50mm) can be custom cut to any size that fits under an equipment to reduce vibration.

Used for flooring, conveyor belt, full face gaskets, ring face gaskets, flange inserts, rubber padding, anti-vibration purposes. 

Standard size : 1 meter width x 50KG ROLL or 1 meter x 1 meter BLOCK for thicker variety. Cloth insertion is available on request.

Most sizes available in store, contact us for custom cutting / bulk purchase enquiries.