90º Elbow Long Silicone Rubber Hose (8" X 16" Leg)

Size Guide


4-Ply Polyester Reinforced

Extreme Heat & Cold Resistant

Excellent Ozone & UV Resistant

Red Exterior, Black Inner Lining

8" X 16" (Long Type)

Product Description

Silicone Rubber Elbow Hose is commonly used in radiator, turbo, dry exhaust, and marine wet exhaust hose applications where a 90º angle is required to connect two components. Widely utilised in the automotive, maritime and industrial sector. They perform well and maintain their physical properties over an extreme temperature range.


Maritime and industrial equipment operating under harsh environmental conditions prefers Silicone Rubber as they have excellent Ultra-Violet (UV), Ozone and weathering resistant properties. Reducing costs of replacement parts, equipment downtime and precious labour hours.


Technical Data

Material Silicone
Hardness Shore, A 70 ± 5
Surface Finish Wrapped
Reinforce Polyester
Reinforce Layers 4 Ply
Maximum Service Temperature °C 220
Minimum Service Temperature °C -40
Colour Outer Wrapped Red
Inner Smooth Black


Size Guide

silicone elbow hose long size

Inner Diameter Wall Thickness (mm)
Inches mm mm
1/2" 12mm 4.5mm
5/8" 16mm 4.5mm
3/4" 19mm 4.5mm
7/8" 22mm 4.5mm
1" 25mm 4.5mm
1 1/8" 28mm 4.5mm
1 1/4" 32mm 4.5mm
1 3/8" 35mm 4.5mm
1 1/2" 38mm 5.0mm
1 5/8" 41mm 5.0mm
1 3/4" 45mm 5.0mm
1 7/8" 48mm 5.0mm
2" 51mm 5.0mm
2 1/8" 54mm 5.0mm
2 1/4" 57mm 5.0mm
2 3/8" 60mm 5.0mm
2 1/2" 64mm 5.0mm
2 5/8" 67mm 5.0mm
2 3/4" 70mm 5.0mm
2 7/8" 73mm 5.0mm
3" 76mm 5.0mm
3 1/2" 89mm 5.0mm
4" 102mm 5.5mm