D Shape Window / Door Sponge Rubber Foam Seal Strip with Adhesive


Watertight and Airtight Closed-Cell Sponge

Reduce Outside Noise Through Windows & Doors

ULTRA-Durable EPDM Rubber - Weather, UV and Ozone Resistant

Anti-Fungal and Anti-Mold Growth

Strong, Long-Lasting Adhesive Backing

Product Description

Weather resistant and ultra durable EPDM sponge foam for roller shutters and garage doors. Provides a watertight seal that improves sound proofing capabilities. Can be used to fill excess gaps between doors and windows. Easy to use and quick DIY installation.

Technical Data

Material EPDM, Closed-Cell Sponge
Recommended Operating Temperature -28ºC up to +70ºC
Optimum Compression 25% ±3%
Recommended Max Compression 40%
Excellent Resistant To: Water Absorption, Ozone & Sunlight Aging