Custom Rubber / Fabric Bellow Protective Machine Covers


Custom Made To Your Requirements

Flexible And Durable Protective Cover For Machines

Protection From Dust / Other Elements

Increase Service Life Of Equipment

Product Description

Protect your machinery with our custom machine cover bellows. Keep dust and dirt out of critical moving parts in your equipment with the accordion-like design that retracts and extends with the machine during operation. Flexible fabric bellows provide a protective cover for machines like hydraulic cylinders, scissor lifts, machine rails etc. The machine cover also prevents workplace accidents arising from exposed moving machine parts and pinch points. Other than being used as a simple protective cover, fabric bellows can also be used as ducting for air transfer and ventilation controls.

Our protective cover bellows are available in a variety of materials and options that meets most application requirements. Some examples are :
- Silicone rubber fabric for high-temperature operations,
- Zippers for easy installation without the need to dismantle the machine,
- Mounting plates at the ends for ducting applications,
- Custom shaped reinforce discs for machine way 

Each machine cover is custom-made to your requirements. We will need information about your application to provide an accurate quotation. Please email us at SALES@ARISPERFORMANCE.COM to begin a discussion with our experts.