Commercial Kitchen Rubber Mat / Mat Deck Rubber IMPA 511071


Durable & Impact Resistant

Safe, Anti-Slip Even Under Wet Conditions

Provides Excellent Foot Cushioning That Reduces Fatigue

Easy to Clean, Self-Draining Design

Standard Size T16mm x 1m x 1m

For Wet Kitchen, Vessel Galley, and Deck Flooring

IMPA CODE 511071

Product Description

Improve workplace safety and hygiene with our Mat Deck Rubber. The non-slip, high friction, rubber material provides an ideal flooring for wet work areas such as a ships' galley or deck. The durable and impact-resistant rubber material provides ample cushioning under the feet which reduces standing fatigue as well. Easy cleaning and maintenance with its unique self-draining design that prevents water and rubbish from clogging under the mat. 

Each mat comes at a standard size of 16mm thick x 1m x 1m. It can be easily cut to a smaller size that fits narrower work spaces. Connectors are available (sold separately) that allow several mats to be joint together to cover a larger work area.

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