Cloth Insertion Rubber Sheet (Rough Face)


Anti-Slip Rough Top and Bottom Layer

Cloth Reinforced Inner Layer

For Flooring or Mats

Can Be Used As Vibration Dampening Pads

Durable & Easy to Clean

Available In Various Thickness


Product Description

Ultra durable, heavy duty cloth insertion rubber sheet. Rough anti-slip patterns on both the top and bottom layers. Suitable for flooring or can also be used a machine vibration pads. Available in a variety of thickness for all types of application. Thicker materials for heavier machines. Reduce noise and impact at production & manufacturing areas. Rubberised flooring also prevents damage to the underlying floor.

Commonly used on floorings of cargo lifts, workshops, warehouses, truckbeds and storage areas.

Sold by the meter with maximum 10 meters for the entire roll. Contact us for quote.