Translucent Silicone Door Seal (e Profile)


Suitable for Door, Window or Panel Sealing

Soft Translucent Silicone for Easy Installation

Excellent Sealing Abilities

Other Sizes Available

Product Description

General purpose silicone door / window seal. Can be used to waterproof electrical panels and windows.  

Excellent resistance to extreme heat and cold. Exceptional durability in outdoor applications, with excellent resistance to prolonged weathering, ultra-violet (UV), and ozone exposure. 


General Technical Data

Material Silicone
Shore Hardness, A 50 ± 5
Density, g/cm3 1.14
Ultimate Elongation, % 400
Tensile Strength, MPa 8
Tear Strength, KNm 12
Surface Finish Smooth
Max. Service Temp., °C 200
Min. Service Temp., °C -40