Watertight Door Packing EPDM Rubber


High Density EPDM Rubber Sponge

Hatch Door Rubber Packing

Shore A Hardness 50±5

Temperature -40ºC up to +85ºC

Resistant to Seawater

Resistant to Weather and UV Exposure

Product Description

EPDM rubber packing for watertight door packing and sealing. Seawater resistant and excellent weather, ozone and UV resistant. Operating temperature of -40ºC up to +85ºC. Excellent resistive properties makes EPDM the ideal material for hatch door seals on sea vessels. Standard black colour EPDM, in rolls of 30 meter length.

Available stock for complete range of sizes from IMPA Code: 815007 to IMPA Code: 815050. Size tolerances and material specifications meets IMPA standards.

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