Blind Rubber Grommet


Cover Up Unused Holes on Panels

Customizable Center Opening To Pass Wires Through

Protects Cables And Panel Hole Edges

Easy Installation With Soft Yet Durable Rubber

Product Description

Rubber grommets or rubber eyelets or cable bushings are perfect for electrical work. Keep dust and dirt out of enclosures by covering unused holes with this blind (covered) design. Prevent wear and tear on cables - Punch a hole in the center to pass cables through it. 

Easy installation with soft yet durable vulcanized PVC rubber material.

Wholesale prices available. Contact us for a quote.

Available Sizes


10mm 12mm 2.5mm
14mm 16mm 2.5mm
15mm 20mm 2mm
18mm 22mm 3mm
20mm 25mm 2.5mm
22mm 27mm 1.6mm
22mm 28mm 2.5mm
25mm 30mm 3mm
24mm 32mm 2.5mm
30mm 35mm 2.5mm
30mm 38mm 3mm
35mm 40mm 2.5mm
35mm 42mm 2.5mm
36mm 47mm 3mm
42mm 48mm 6mm
43mm 50mm 3mm
50mm 60mm 3mm
55mm 63mm 3mm
53mm 65mm 3mm
60mm 66mm 6mm
60mm 70mm 3mm
70mm 80mm 3mm
80mm 90mm 3mm
90mm 100mm 4mm
100mm 110mm 4mm
105mm 115mm 3mm
110mm 120mm 4mm
120mm 130mm 4mm